If you are looking for fabulous massage or healing energy work, look no further. Will is the bomb! Hands down best I’ve ever received (coming from a massage junkie that says a lot). Relaxing, rejuvenating and therapeutic. Simply phenomenal!
— Karen Nilsen Kelly, Santa Barbara
I’ve been getting massages fairly regularly for 30+ years, and my recent massage with Will was definitely one of the very best I have EVER received. He really helped my body and my stress, without hurting me. I don’t know how he seemed to go deep without causing pain, but he did, and therefore I was able to relax deeply. I highly, highly, highly recommend!
— Jill Bishop
Will is an outstanding massage therapist. I experience him to be present, skillful and incredibly sensitive to the subtleties of my body’s needs from moment to moment. Thanks for being so dedicated to both your professional and personal practice, Will!
— Terence Carfrae